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Program Update

The transitional DPT program at Boston University accepted its last class of degree-seeking students in the Summer 2013 semester in preparation for the closure of the program in August 2014. During our nine successful years of offering physical therapists an opportunity to complement current knowledge and skills with advanced learning content, our 700 tDPT graduates have made, and continue to make, an impact on the profession in each day of their practice.

Students wishing to enroll in courses in order to apply content to their physical therapy practice still have the opportunity to do so through the Spring 2014 as non-degree students. For additional information, contact ramartin@bu.edu for more information on the non-degree option and course start dates.

Non-degree Option

Boston University College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College offers physical therapists the opportunity to enroll in individual courses as non-degree students in the distance education Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

This is an excellent way for you to enhance your knowledge in specific content areas and examine topics in depth and relate them directly to your daily practice. Our eight-week courses offer you a unique advantage of discussing clinical applications as they arise in practice with your instructors and peers; something that is not possible in a short, continuing education course format.

If you are a licensed physical therapist in the United States and you wish to take courses as a non-degree student, simply contact us for an application form at ramartin@bu.edu. Completed forms must then be faxed to Boston University along with a copy of your PT license.

Available Courses

HP561: Evidence Based Practice:
Students develop the fundamental skills necessary to critically appraise the research literature relevant to physical therapists and relate this literature to clinical practice. Students practice the application of concepts of internal, external and statistical validity to the literature on intervention, prognosis, and diagnosis in physical therapy. (3 credits)

HP650: Healthcare Management I:
This course introduces finance and accounting as it relates to the healthcare environment. The basic principles of accounting, finance, and reimbursement will be presented in a lecture and discussion format. One focus will be on the budgeting, reimbursement, and billing in the healthcare environment. (3 credits)

HP770: Healthcare Management II:
This course includes organizational management theory and principles and includes quantitative analysis of healthcare problems. The issues of supervision, quality assurance, and marketing are explored in a case-based format. This course also introduces the concepts of human resources and quality assurance including productivity, contracts, and ethical/legal issues as they relate to rehabilitation management. (3 credits)

Curriculum, courses and program requirements are subject to change.

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